Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Monocle Smile Contest

Look at your math.  Now back at mine.  Now back at your math.  Now back to mine.  Sadly, yours isn’t mine.  But if you enter the Diary of Numbers Estimation Contest then your math could seem like it’s mine.  Look down.  Back up.  You’ve won a book featuring the math your math could look like.  Anything is possible when you enter the Diary of Numbers Estimation Contest.  I’m on a blog.

The Question: Isaiah Mustafa (aka the sexy Old Spice man) reached meme status because of his work in a very funny Old Spice commercial.  Recently, he created a series of humorous personalized Youtube videos featuring his character from the original commercial.  If he worked nonstop for the rest of his life, how many personalized Youtube videos could Mr. Mustafa make?

Rules:  You can win a free copy of How Many Licks?  To enter, estimate an answer to the question below and send it to “aaron at aaronsantos period com.” If your answer is closest to my estimate1, I'll mail you a free, signed copy of How Many Licks?  To be eligible, you must submit your entry on or before September 15, 2010.  Don't worry; I won't spam you or share your email with any third parties.

[1] I know, I know.  How do I know my answer is correct?  I don’t.  I make no pretenses that my answer is correct or even close. Your answer may very well be a better estimate than mine. In fact, your estimate may even be exactly right and you still may not win the contest if somebody else's answer is closer to mine. Sorry about that. This is the best way I could come up with to pick a winner and I'm not changing it now. Like any good game, there's an element of luck required even if you do have great skill. With that disclaimer out of the way, good luck and happy calculatings!

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