Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smile! You’re the Monocle Smile Contest Winner!

Hello, Ladies.  How are you?  Fantastic.  We have a winner!

The Question: If he worked nonstop for the rest of his life, how many personalized Youtube videos could Mr. Mustafa make?

Born February 11, 1974, Isaiah Mustafa is currently 36 years sexy.  He’s young and he’s in shape, the latter of which makes longevity more likely.  As best I can tell, he only has one major thing going against him: he played NFL football.  However, his career was fairly short and he was a wide receiver, so he’s not as likely to have the same health issues as a 12-year 350 lb lineman.  One simple way to solve this is to subtract his current age from his life expectancy.  According to Wikipedia, Americans are 38th in the world for life expectancy with and average lifespan of about 78.2 years.  Using Wolfram Alpha, we know that Mr. Mustafa was 36.6 years old on the contest deadline.  From this we can compute how many years he has left,

78.2 years – 36.6 years = 41.7 years.

Each personalized video appears to be about 30 seconds in length.  If he worked nonstop1 making 30-second videos for 41.7 years, he would have a total of about 44 million videos.

Congratulations to our winner, Joey Reichert!

[1] Some might argue that we haven’t taken into account sleeping.  True.  If he did sleep, our final number would only be one third as big.  But the original question did say “nonstop.”  “But wouldn’t he die younger if he never slept?” you ask, suspiciously.  Also true.  But we could always film him while he slept, and which of you ladies out there wouldn’t appreciate that?

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