Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Contest: Look Out!

To celebrate the Kings winning their first Stanley Cup in 45 years, I'm gonna have a hockey estimation contest.

Here's how it works. I’m posting a Fermi question below. To enter, estimate an answer and send it to “aaron at aaronsantos period com.” If your answer is closest to mine, I'll mail you a free signed copy of Ballparking.1 Second prize receives a signed copy of my other book, How Many Licks? Or How to Estimate Damn Near Anything. Submit your entry on or before July 31, 2012.  Don't worry…I won't spam you or share your email with any third parties. Here's the question:

The last time I went to an NHL game, I saw this:

"That can't be safe!" I thought to myself.  As it turns out, I was right.  There's a small but finite chance of the puck hitting the camera:

The question: How many pucks have broken cameras in NHL history?

[1] NOTE: I make no pretenses that my answer is correct or even close. Your answer may very well be a better estimate than mine. In fact, your estimate may even be exactly right and you still may not win the contest if somebody else's answer is closer to mine. Sorry about that. This is the best way I could come up with to pick a winner and I'm not changing it now. Like any good game, there's an element of luck required even if you do have great skill. With that disclaimer out of the way, good luck and happy calculatings!

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