Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hot Water and Popcorn Not Included

One of the great joys of life in Ann Arbor is Briarwood Dollar Movies. The price of a movie ticket ranges anywhere from 50¢ on a Tuesday to $1.75 every other day. Many of us would kill to have a movie theater-sized TV screen in our living room—so why not live in the movie theater? What costs more: a month’s rent or a month’s worth of non-stop, back-to-back movie tickets?

Movies last any where from one to three hours. If we take two hours as the average, then we’d need to see about 12 movies per day. A typical month has about 30 days in it, and four of these days will be Tuesdays. Using this info, we can calculate the cost of living in the theater,

(12 movies per day) · (4 days) · (50¢ per movie)
+ (12 movies per day) · (26 days) · ($1.75 per movie)
= $570

This is less than many people pay for rent in Ann Arbor. Now if only there were a place to shower...

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