Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Finnegans Wake" for the ADD-Afflicted

I had a difficult time understanding many of the authors we read in high school English: Joyce, Beckett, Yeats, etc.   Today being St. Patty’s Day, I can’t help but think there are much more enjoyable ways to hear the thoughts of an incoherent Irishman.  To be fair, my difficulty probably lies more with my short attention span than the authors’ writings, but perhaps there’s now a way around that.   How many Tweets would it take to write out Finnegans Wake over Twitter?

Google lists Finnegans Wake at 676 pages.  Each page contains about 36 lines and each line contains about 80 characters.  From this, we can compute how many Tweets we’d need,

(676 pages) · (36 lines per page) · (80 characters per line) · (1 tweet per 140 characters)
= 14,000 tweets.

If you tweeted once a day, it would take over 38 years to finish Finnegans Wake.

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  1. There are some folks on Twitter as @publicdomain who tweet novels. I know they've done "Moby Dick" and "Through the Looking Glass," and possibly more. (They have a computer do it.)

    Apaprently, tweeting Moby Dick took 9 1/2 months and 12,849 updates.